Hurry up and wait.

I’ve been holding off on writing until I had something exciting to talk about but things have dribbled to a steady percolate. I’ve been busy though. I swear I have. I have been tracking down the best software to use with the business, chatting up sales dudes in that area. Made some decisions there and plan on beginning the onboarding process next week. Emily and I went to Kansas City to a trade show. We agreed there was probably a great quantity of advancements and information that would be valuable. It also gave us an opportunity to make some connections to the midwest contacts as far as equipment and suppliers goes. For the last few weeks I’ve made a point to stop into the shop and help, learn, work or whatever almost everyday.

And so, well, the deal’s still on. The hope is that within the next week or so we’ll close but we’re waiting for some legal and just organizing the fine details. We wanted to have a website that would at least let people know we were getting our poops in scoops and I made up a couple business cards for Emily and I to take with us to Kansas City. We were hoping to look slightly professional. I think we pulled it off. We’ve already had tons of interest which is really encouraging. We’ve even received a few requests for quotes, which is super cool.

I registered with the SBDC last week and we met with our rep this week. We got a ton of exciting info from him. I’m working on a business plan and filling out some additional paperwork to get us prepared for any grant writing we’re planning on doing. We’re hoping to make some changes to the facade as well as getting the whole building as energy efficient as possible.

So now we wait. I feel like we’re getting down to the last leg of the race. We’re almost there.

Meanwhile, I’m strategically placing folded laundry all throughout the house to drive Sam insane. There’s sooooo much snow it feels like our roof is actually a cheese grater. We have leaks everywhere. I’ve been pretty successful with my plan to run and do yoga more and I’ve been cooking, mostly autoimmune paleo recipes. I’m going to try out this recipe tonight. I’ve also been reading a lot about anti inflammatory foods and came across this recipe which I’ve been really into lately. So that’s me in a nutshell right now, just trying to stay sane, healthy and productive.

There are stairs under there.
Golden Milk Mix